About us

KOUNELIS & SONS was founded in 1969 by Antonios Kounelis and has its headquarters in the Industrial Area of Patras. Its main activity was the trading of hardware and tools in the village of Klamaki, in a privately-owned space of only 70 square meters.

In 1996 the company moved to the Industrial Area of Patras, where it is housed up to today in privately-owned housed facilities of 800m2. Since then, the industry has been the main activity of the company since then. In this context and in view of the best service of its customers, through the disposal of the leading companies in the field of industry, the company proceeded to direct import and marketing industrial equipment to provide customers with top-quality materials, ready-made at the best possible prices.

The main concern of the company is the better and faster service of our customers and based on this targeting we have created a large stock that in combination with the experienced and skilled staff can offer
valuable and valuable solutions

Fields of Activity - Goals

The main objective of the company is its integrated presence and support that it can provide across the spectrum of the industry and beyond. The company’s activity focuses on the pneumatic automation, the industrial equipment and all consumables that its customer needs. For this reason, the company introduces and represents leading brands in their industries.

Imports - Delegations

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